I write every day. Usually around 1200 words by the time I finish my journal, planning, and pecking away at a blog post or two.

I like to work out thoughts in writing. I ponder things because I live a very hectic life. I live a lot in the future, making plans. I also live a lot in the past, looking at my mistakes and successes.

Success from starving.

Not too long ago I was a starving artist. I made mistakes with my finances and didn’t prepare for one of the “down-turns” in my life, so my family lived on less than we were used to. We didn’t control our spending when we foresaw a dip in our income. There were several days where I actually decided to eat less so my wife and son could eat well.

Now that life is back on the up-turn, I have new problems. I get overwhelmed some days with being a good father, husband, artist, blogger, and social media pseudo-celebrity (locally, anyway).

It’s a lot to handle on the daily. And I feel like a fake sometimes – like I should get a “normal” job in one of the local factories or warehouses like everyone else.

Good ol’ impostor syndrome rearing its ugly head.

Maintaining success.

I get stressed about keeping my momentum going. It causes a lot of anxiety about how things should be, and the demands from my career don’t help.

I get messages at all hours. I have to draw several original pieces of art every week, and keep my family life at least half-way balanced in the process.

It’s a problem of success, I suppose. But there are always problems with wherever you are in life.

While striving for success, your problems are usually financial issues and time management.

Once you gain success of any variety, you still have the time management issues, but from a different angle. Now you have to manage your focus on the demands of other people – your clients, your fans, yourself…

And the fear of failure once you’ve succeeded at a goal. That one is the most terrifying. For me, anyway.

Is my family going to end up in poverty again because of my choices? Am I going to watch my career crash and burn? What if nobody likes my art? What if nobody cares about my writing?

Pondering gratitude.

Most of the writing I mentioned earlier never sees the light of day. I have a folder of blog posts that didn’t pan out the way I wanted them to. I have journals full of random ramblings about how my day went.

But one of the most important parts of my writing is pondering on gratitude. Every day I try to enjoy something, write it down, and remember it.

Every week I look back over my highlights and pick a few that I want to reinforce in my memory. I write ’em down again. Maybe I helped someone who didn’t know it. Maybe it was ice cream with my son. Maybe my wife and I had some sort of business discovery. It all gets reinforced so I can enjoy where I am.

Because no matter where you are…you should enjoy this. New opportunities and obstacles and problems are going to pop up, no matter where you are. So start enjoying where you are, now. Be content for a moment or two every day.

Even when my family was living on nothing I found things to enjoy about my life. It was difficult, but always worth the effort.

Enjoy this.

Writing everything that you’re grateful for may not be the best option for you, but it’s what works for me. Not always, but most of the time.

The whole point is to enjoy this – because you should. Enjoy every second you can. Look for opportunities in the obstacles, and enjoy the comforts that you have available. Even if it’s a simple bowl of cereal or a nap. You can enjoy this.

Live in the moment, because that’s all you have.

How do you live in the moment and enjoy life? Do you do it enough? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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