I am an idiot. I took a job that pays salary and demands upwards of 80 hours a week of my time. On a good week.

I’m on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can’t get through dinner with my fiance without my phone ringing.

Yes…I’m an idiot.

It’s time to get the fuck out of this trap I’ve found myself in.

Wanna know how I know this? Because I feel sick when I park my car at work every morning.

I’m a Stoic succumbing to stress. How does that even happen? I don’t know.

I still make myself work, I still focus on doing as good of a job as I can, but I’m losing steam.

My home life is suffering, my business has been forced to the back-burner, my money is getting spent on gas instead of food. I’m miserable.

The escape plan is being formed.

It seems so simple when I think about it from an outside perspective…

  1. Manage my time better.
  2. Come up with a solid plan.
  3. Re-focus on my business.
  4. Step down from my current position to free up more time.
  5. Focus MORE on my business.
  6. Quit my day job.

The thing is…each one of those “simple” steps aren’t simple at all. They’re quite complex. So it boils down to a more complex escape plan.

I guess I should elaborate, but I’m not going to. Not yet, anyway.

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