I just wanted to say “Thank you” to a whole bunch of people.

It’s the people around me who make me who I am, who help me grow and succeed. So I’m showing some gratitude.

To the people who support me in my career…

My friends, family, clients, coworkers, and my readers. Thank you for being there for me and giving me the motivation to move forward with my projects.

Especially my wife. My wife pushes me every single day to achieve more and supports every decision I make. We talk about major projects and help push each other further than we thought was possible.

To the people who doubted me…

Thank you for giving me fuel to prove you wrong. Even if you still doubt me, I’m getting closer to reaching my goals every day. I steer my own ship.

And I really love surprising you with my successes. When you talk about me behind my back, I know. My favorite part about proving you wrong is your expression when I pull off something you didn’t think I could do.

For the friends who have disrespected me…

Or if you have been ungrateful for my help, I thank you, too. You have shown me that I can continue being a good, calm person regardless of how others act toward me.

I only have control over my¬†responses, and limited control over my emotions. Fortunately, I’ve studied philosophy enough, have meditated enough, and have grown enough as a person to pause before I take action. I stay calm, and you help me reinforce that behavior.

To the people who still try to control my fate…

You might want to start focusing on your own. Still, I’d like to thank you for giving me challenges to overcome. You have made me stronger.

As for the people I have cut out of my life, thank you for showing me that just because I’ve known you forever, it doesn’t mean I need you in my life. Sometimes we’re better off without old, negative influences.

Thank you, Haley.

Yes, I’m thanking my wife again, because she does so much more for me than anyone else. Haley, you get angry when I can’t, and push me to succeed. You care for our family. You’re brutally honest (which I admire). You keep me grounded.

We are going to continue to grow together, make our family even stronger, and conquer the world if we keep putting our minds to it. We’re a great team, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in my life.

And last, my son…

I’d like to thank my son for being an inspiration. He survived botulism, then continued to flourish, learn, and grow after he nearly died. He has shown me that setbacks don’t have to be permanent, no matter how bad they are.

He has also made me more patient, more loving, and a better person. I do everything I can to be a good dad, to be a good example, and to raise a son who loves and respects the people in his life.

There’s always a way to be grateful. For the good and the bad – be thankful. Why don’t you write your own “Thank You” Note? Who can you appreciate for their help or the challenges they present?

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