With a focus on being still (mentally), I’ve managed to have an amazing day. Nothing rushed. Nothing overwhelming. I’ve just done the next important thing consistently.

I love days like today.

Duration: 2h45m

Medium: Cretacolor on Newsprint

What went well?
I had plenty of drawing time today, I brushed up on my own comparative measuring skills as I was teaching them, and I tried something new with my gesture training today.

On Monday I’ll be getting back into more exercises from Nicolaides’ The Natural Way to Draw and recording my session there, as well. I like that recording my sessions gives me a tape to play back to myself so I can see how I’m thinking and progressing.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
I didn’t move nearly as much as I needed to today. Lots of time sitting at the desk or drawing table, or sitting on a stool to film my lecture. Lots of sitting. After so much time sitting today, I’m actually looking forward to doing yard work tomorrow before I cook out!

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