I couldn’t sleep last night because of the stitches, but I’m not going to skip a day of drawing.

I did something a little bit different today, though — I filmed the entire process and talked into a mic about the thoughts that were going through my head. Or, as described in the book Peak — i was trying to communicate my mental representations.

I finally finished the book yesterday. It was honestly difficult to work through, but the last few chapters were enlightening and encouraging.

Filming served two purposes — I got a more accurate measurement of the time I spent at the drawing table, and I will have a record not just of WHAT I produced, but exactly HOW I produced it. Along with my thoughts as I’m working.

Duration: 45m

Medium: Cretacolor on Newsprint

What went well?
I’m surprisingly happy with my gestures, though it was incredibly difficult to DO them. The filming seems like a good idea, and I may end up sharing the videos with other artists who can critique my approach and offer advice.

For now — I’m just trying to get into the habit of talking while I’m drawing. It will help with my teaching, clarifying my own thoughts, and cleaning up my approach to drawing.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
The recovery from a very, very minor procedure is taking more of a toll on me than I expected. Not necessarily from the mild pain I’m in, but more because it very much interrupted my rest and recovery last night. And I’m not able to bend or lift, so my exercise routines are on hold. I’m just going to try to walk my exercise out today…maybe spend some time with my family to still move.

Of course…I think I’ll definitely go to bed EARLY tonight so I can get more rest if it isn’t going to be quality rest.

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