This month has been rather…insane. I’m working on getting Affinity Art Co. open as soon as possible, and haven’t had much time to draw. I’ve actually had to adjust my “floor” while opening a new business.

FOR now, my only requirement is to finish my warm-up. It keeps my skills sharp and still allows me enough time in my jam-packed days to accomplish major business tasks, which feel mostly like busy-work.

As the opening day draws nearer, I’m looking forward to having days filled with art again. Whether that’s tattooing or drawing, I’ll finally be able to pull back a little bit from the administrative stuff that has been consuming so much of my time.

I did want to mention something that I forgot to post (I had the post saved as a draft but never hit publish) — my new checklist.

I’ve created a checklist for my drawing time so I can more consistently tackle the things that I need to do. My goal is to make it as far down the list as possible every day. My warm-up is broken down nicely, my practice and performance pieces are planned out, and so is deep study of other resources. Today was a good day on the list. I made it most of the way down the list. 🙂

Duration: 1h40m

Medium: Digital – Krita

What went well?
I had MUCH more time to draw today, and actually got to start sketching out the layout for a new tattoo design (for no-one in particular). This is exciting, to say the least.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
I was interrupted a couple of times during my drawing block this morning, so I think I’m going to have to put my phone in airplane mode when I’m working. It’s about the only way I’m able to get truly uninterrupted time.

There’s still a way for my wife to contact me in case of emergencies, so I know it will be alright.

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