Yesterday was a rough day for art making, I was starting to get some energy back…but things kept going wrong that needed immediate attention. I still managed to draw for a few minutes ABOVE my “floor” — and I tried something a little bit different by using a dead-ish sharpie marker.

Today, though…I got a great night’s sleep, nailed all of my fundamental routines, and tackled the drawing board with excitement. I still struggled with my earlier gestures, but started to catch my rhythm toward the end.

Duration: 1h50m Combined over 2 days.

Medium: Cretacolor on Newsprint, Sharpie on Newsprint

What went well?
Trying new things. Finally feeling like I grasped a concept that I’ve been practicing and studying. Making a small step forward in my mark-making skills. I’ll take it.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
Just not enough time over the past couple of days to make art. The next couple of weeks are opening up for me, though. Struggling with my energy yesterday was also very enlightening, especially when contrasted with today. Taking care of myself first…isn’t selfish. It’s the only way I can be selfless.

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