Work hard at what you do, or learn new things? I say…do both.

Work hard at whatever it is you decide to do, including learning new skills. Just make sure your effort is directed at an end-goal that you want. Don’t waste effort elsewhere.

Duration: 1h45m

Medium: Graphite, Cretacolor on Newsprint

What went well?
I’ve started doing my art first thing in the morning, before I let anything else distract me. Sometimes I have to rush through it, but doing my art first takes the Resistance out of the equation.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
I just wish I had more time to create today. I felt rushed, and starting out with my gestures I felt very, very stiff. I think I’m experiencing one of those pesky “backslides” after I had a mini breakthrough, but I’ll get it back. It’s the path I’ve chosen.

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