I love the feeling of “flow.”

When you lose track of time, push yourself really hard, and while the work is still challenging, you start to solve problems on what feels like autopilot.

It’s an amazing feeling, and I wish everyone would experience it. Sadly, not everyone does. They find their soothing moments in television or drugs. I find my catharsis by working on something that I love to do.

Duration: 3h30m

Medium: Graphite, Cretacolor on Newsprint, Digital (not pictured)

What went well?
I’m still really enjoying the gesture practice from The Natural Way to Draw. I started doing gestures on the back of old gestures today. Not because I’m running low on newsprint, but because I really don’t WANT to run low on newsprint. Waste not!

I also had plenty of time to work on the graphite figure drawing today. I started the envelope lay-in and gesture studies for it yesterday, then started really working on the shadow map lay-in and first layer of hatching today. Again – I’m really loving graphite lately. I’m excited to be able to share a graphite project. I may blend in some cretacolor oil/charcoal blend for my darkest darks. We shall see.

And last – I worked on doing some over-drawing with one of the team-members today to improve a piece that she was working on. Not pictured, because it’s not my work.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
While I’ve been doing a lot of comparative measuring to work through the details on this graphite drawing, some of it was still “off” every time. I spent a lot of time adjusting my drawing today, which is normal, but I’m getting more and more particular about everything being where it should be.

At a certain point, I think I need to let go of the little tweaks and let the drawing become whatever it decides to be, while still understanding that there are flaws that can be corrected next time.

Also, stepping away from the drawing for a few minutes and coming back to it helped me spot mistakes quickly. I need to continue that practice.

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