Yesterday was a hectic day full of errands, including some unexpected obstacles that nearly “toppled” my ability to draw for the day, which is now unacceptable on Mondays.

Sundays are literally my ONLY days off from drawing now. No excuses. But I made progress on a few projects yesterday, and did the same today. That being said — I’m still losing valuable drawing and practice time with administrative STUFF that I wish I could go ahead and outsource.

But life doesn’t work that way. You have to have assets to leverage before you can…well…leverage them. When you look at things through this lens, you can start directing your efforts to the things that are building up assets for you to leverage.

Like my drawing time — I’m approaching my drawing skills like a craftsman, like someone on a path of mastery. Eventually, I’ll have a skilled asset that’s so good that people won’t be able to ignore it, and I’ll be able to charge an absolute premium for it.

I’m also creating assets with my businesses. Drawing Foundations is a slow-moving project, but it’s part of a larger body of work that will become an asset, along with my drawing skills. I’m handling administrative things for Affinity, which will be another asset once the doors are open. The skills I’m picking up as I open that business will be yet another asset — in marketing, administration, business operations, and public relations.

So I’m creating assets. I have to remember that when I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed by the small stuff. Focus on ONE thing at a time until that one little step is complete, then find what’s most important next, and chip, chip, chip away.

Duration: 2h over 2 days.

Medium: Cretacolor on Newsprint, Pencil in a Sketchbook

What went well?
I found the time to draw when I thought I wouldn’t have any.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
I feel like I need to have a more direct role in the renovations of Affinity’s location, because the focus of the team seems to be drifting to superficial things instead of the big things that need to happen to open the doors. I stepped away to focus on Drawing Foundations, but that “stepping away” might have caused more damage than benefit. Time to switch it up a little bit. Drawing Foundations is on a self-imposed deadline, not external. The sooner Affinity is open, the sooner I can relax a little bit about my income and start busting ass on the projects that I really care about.

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