I can’t seem to focus today. I don’t like sharing a lot of personal stuff, but I’m pretty nervous right now.

I went to the doctor this morning for something that is hopefully minor, but possibly major. I had a scalpel in my back for a couple of minutes, and now I’m just waiting.

So I’m a bit nervous, and the stitches in my back are rather irritating. Here’s to hoping that I get some good news.

Duration: 30m

Medium: Cretacolor on Newsprint

What went well?
I managed to get some drawing time in, even though I really had to force it today even to get the bare minimum.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
My body feels exhausted after the doctor’s visit. And my brain is fogged up a good bit. I think I need to give my HEAD some time to get clear before I try tackling anything more serious than gestures and a lens cap.

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