I love being a traditional artist, but I want to make 1,000 mistakes quickly, so I can learn from each one and not have pressure to save money on materials.

Also, my “day job” requires me to create designs quickly and efficiently, so I usually create art for my tattooing digitally. That being said — I decided to switch most of my daily practice to digital over the past week without internet.

I’m still drawing traditionally once per week, just to keep my charcoal skills sharp, but I can experiment more with digital art in Krita — and not worry about breaking leads or running low on newsprint.

It’s a way for me to produce MORE art, notice mistakes faster, and grow at a faster rate. Traditional artists might scoff at the idea, but I’m trying to be effective AND efficient in my growth. If I can draw more, draw faster, and save money in the process…that’s what I’m going to do.

Duration: 1h30m today — approximately 7h in the 5 days prior.

Medium: Digital – Krita

What went well?
I have too many images to upload in one post, so I just picked a random page of gestures that I did. I’m producing more art, faster, and I’m able to simply drop the image that I’m referencing to check for accuracy now.

I’m learning new things without the pressure to conserve materials.

What didn’t go so well and what can I learn from that?
The past week without internet has still been completely filled with errands and hectic life. I’m trying to guard my time more, but it’s difficult. I’m also trying to get used to the surface of my drawing tablet, and judging distance and angles on a screen is more difficult for some reason. My visual measuring doesn’t seem to be as accurate. Trying to troubleshoot that ASAP.

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