We’ve all done it – gotten so busy with the things everyone else wanted us to do that we couldn’t keep up with our own lives, or just procrastinated to the point that you couldn’t catch up.

We’ve wasted time watching TV, browsing Facebook, playing too many video games, diving down the rabbit hole on the internet and getting lost for hours.

You look up, blink away the haze and wonder where the time has gone. How did you waste so much time?


You wasted so much time by giving in to Resistance (with a capital R, as defined by Steven Pressfield) – something to pull you away from the harder things you know you really need to do.

You procrastinate, worry about everything else, and waste your life, one click, one episode, one night on the town, one update at a time. All because it really hurts to work on yourself first.

But Resistance is something you need to fight because your time here is precious.

Spendthrifts of Time

“I say, let no one rob me of a single day who isn’t going to make a full return on the loss.”

– Seneca.

That’s not to say that the only source of Resistance is from within. Of course there are external forms of Resistance, too.

Your needy friends and family members who always seem to be having problems that they need help with.

Your boss who gives you one more pointless project.

The 20 message notifications on your phone. These are all sources of external Resistance, and you need to guard your time against these things and people just as much as from yourself.

Seneca reminded himself to not let other people rob him of his time unless it was somehow worth it. He figured out how to say “no” to people who would waste his most valuable resource.

20,000 Days, give or take…

As of the day I’m writing this article, I only have about 20,368 days left in my life, based on a rough estimate from this website.

I put a countdown widget on the home screen of my phone to remind me of that.

It’s a reminder of death. Memento Mori.

And it isn’t morbid at all. It’s a reminder to spend my time wisely. When I turn my phone on and get ready to dive into the black hole of social media, I get a little reminder to make my time count for something.

Make it Count

This reminder of death is a constant count-down to make things count, and I’ve discovered if you just bust your ass and work on yourself first, you can have a great life. That’s all it is!

Work on learning new skills. Work on that project. Start developing healthy habits. Put down your phone, work on yourself first and you won’t regret it. Just make every day COUNT toward something.

Be deliberate with your time here. Because you can’t get wasted time back. It’s gone forever.

The Flip-Side

Is it OK to relax sometimes? Of course! Enjoy a movie with your family. Pick up that video game controller once a week. Have a drink with a buddy every once and awhile.

Or better yet – have a deep conversation with your spouse. Play with your kids. Have a game night with your family and invite another family to join you. You can quite deliberately relax.

But don’t lose sight of your goals. Set your sights high, look for opportunities to grow, work on yourself first, and reap the benefits of a life well-lived.

What’s something you’ve been putting off? Let me know in the comments – and make sure you tell me the first step you’re going take today to get started. Remember…your time here is precious.

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