I have opinions that make people angry. My opinion is that the world would be a better place if we started cooperating and taking action instead of focusing on the wall that we’re about to crash into. We would be better off if we looked to where we wanted to be, started turning the wheel, and going in the right direction.

What happened?

I watched a documentary that made people angry. They aren’t angry because of the ideas I wanted to discuss, they are angry at ME because of the people supposedly behind the documentary. I was immediately demonized, called less than human, and mobbed on Twitter. (Link to the Tweet, the thread is hundreds of comments deep, possibly over 1,000 comments, now.)

I was attacked, insulted, and misunderstood by feminists. The fire is still burning, well after I bowed out of the conversation in frustration. For watching a documentary and agreeing that some Men’s Rights Activists (MRA’s) had valid issues worth discussing, I was immediately associated with the Men’s Rights Movement. I was accused of supporting rape culture (something that appalls me) and rape apologists.

I am not an MRA. I’m also not a feminist. In my opinion (which is an unpopular one), members of both sides have behaved childishly, impulsively, and many (not all) are trying to blame outside influences for the state of their lives. I will say that the MRA’s were much more polite, even after I repeatedly said that I wasn’t one, and don’t support the “cause”, just some of the issues.

That’s not saying that circumstances aren’t fair for any one group of people or for individuals. I get it, you can’t control the hand you’ve been dealt. You were put on this Earth as who you are, black, white, male, female, rich, poor, etc. Now live to your fullest potential with the opportunities and limitations you have.

Here’s what I propose…

Get over your situation. Be honest about your situation and take full advantage of whatever opportunities you have to make changes in your own life and the lives of others.

Seriously, get the fuck over your problems and start working on real solutions. Don’t yell at the dealer for giving you a bad hand, play your cards to the best of your ability. And leave emotion out of it.

Casting hatred toward others won’t make anyone want to listen to your argument. It just makes you look like a victim, and that’s stealing your own power – you’re making yourself weak. Stop bitching, start hustling.

If anyone is curious about where I stand on a bunch of issues…

I support equal rights for everyone. I don’t care if you’re male, female, black, white, Hispanic, straight, gay, trans, rich, poor, middle class, Christian, pagan, atheist, etc. You all deserve equal rights and opportunities. Just don’t forget that you all deserve equal responsibility, as well.

Rape is an atrocity. And we have an imperfect system for handling it. I don’t propose to have an answer for the issues that rape victims or the victims of false accusations have to deal with. I wish it were as simple as “don’t rape, be good.” But alas, it isn’t.

I think we’re living in an era of limitless opportunity, and it’s causing people to be hyper-sensitive. Most of us no longer have to fight to survive, so we find something to fight about. Instead of fighting, why don’t we start focusing on cooperation, being our best selves, supporting EACH OTHER, and seeing just how much we can build together instead of tearing each other (or the “system”) down?

Here’s a hot-button for you. I’m mostly pro-life. And I’m an atheist, so it’s not based on any religious views. According to science (get over it), life begins at conception when the sperm and egg form a zygote that begins behaving differently from other normal human cells.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think there are exceptions to the overall opinion I just expressed. Rape victims, victims of incest – abort. If your pregnancy is endangering your life – abort. If your child would have no chance at enjoying a quality life due to birth defects – abort.

I support gun control and education. I’m a man who was raised in a rural area, and I enjoy guns. I own several. I still believe that access to guns should be restricted, monitored, and gun education should be required before owning one.

I’m not saying “take away all the guns.” I’m saying that controlling weapons is a logical thing to do (the U.S.A. and U.N. already try to control weapons of mass destruction on a national and global scale, why not the little guys, too?), and teaching people how to be responsible with firearms before they own one makes perfect sense.

End the Hate

There are countless other political issues that I’m sure I could chime in on, but I’ll leave on this note – stop being extremists.

Whoever you are, learn to cooperate and find common ground. Do your best to be a good person, with all that being “good” to the best of your ability entails. That means being responsible, owning your place in life instead of blaming everyone else, being civil and open-minded, not a hate-filled bigot.

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