It all depends on the complexity, size, and location of the tattoo. Please don’t ask how much a dragon or a flower will cost.

The more information I have, the better I will be able to determine the price.

If you would like to discuss a tattoo, please book a free consultation here or come to the shop. I’m currently a proud artist at The Murder Tattoo Collective, 3333 KY-801 N, Morehead, KY. It’s in the Eagle Travel Plaza. 😀

I gladly accept cash or card. Debit or credit, it doesn’t matter. I use a Square card reader with my phone, and you can get a receipt texted or emailed to you upon payment.

I do not accept checks due to the risk involved with bad or bounced checks.

Yes. Yes they do. I won’t mince words here.

Every person experiences the pain of tattoos differently, and every location is different. While an arm tattoo is easily bearable for most, foot tattoos can be extremely painful. If you would like to discuss the pain associated with your next tattoo, please bring it up during your consult and I will advise you ahead of time on the pain you may be expecting based on my previous experiences.

Possibly. I offer 10% discounts to MSU students wearing Morehead State clothing if you can present a student ID.

I also offer a 20% discount to Police, Firefighters, EMS, Veterans and Public School Teachers.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of setup, I can’t offer discounts below shop minimum ($40).

I can only offer a discount if you bring it up before payment, and you may have to remind me, but I do my best to always offer good prices.

I ask that you pay a non-refundable deposit to schedule your appointment. This is standard practice at many shops in order to reduce no-show appointments.

The deposit is put toward the final cost of your tattoo and covers the time spent drawing your design.

I tend to set up my booth in advance of an appointment, which costs money in supplies and takes time. If you need to reschedule, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance or you may forfeit your deposit.

Contact me at least 48 hours before your appointment or use the link provided in your email and text to reschedule. This is the nicest thing you can do. This gives me time to schedule other clients and you’ll get to keep your entire deposit toward your next tattoo.

If you contact me less than 24 hours in advance of your appointment, 50% of your deposit will kept as a convenience fee, the remaining 50% of your deposit will be applied toward the total cost of your tattoo when you reschedule.

If you don’t contact me and simply don’t show up, you will lose your deposit and will need to place a new deposit to schedule your tattoo.

This is a very tricky subject. Typically, I will NOT tattoo a minor unless they show a surprising amount of maturity with their design or they need to cover an older piece of bad body art. In my experience, many people regret first tattoos (especially if they got them at the age of 16 or 17) because they didn’t put enough thought into them. (I include myself in this category)

If both parents consent and I think the idea is one that you won’t regret, I will tattoo minors over 16 years of age with the appropriate (notarized) release which you can print by clicking here.

Both parents must be present during the tattoo.

You must have a valid photo ID and payment for your tattoo.

I also recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothing, something comfortable for the process. There is a chance that you will get ink or blood on your clothing, so keep that in mind when dressing.

Some other useful things to have:

  • Some headphones and your favorite music on a device.
  • Something to drink and maybe something to snack on.
    • I try to keep a small selection of beverages and snacks for clients in the shop, but you may not like what I have.
  • Some over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen or Tylenol.
  • A friend!

As a personal policy, nope. The only names I tattoo on people are children’s names, parent’s names, or names in memory. Just because you think something will last forever doesn’t mean it will.

Unfortunately for some, tattoos do last forever. For ideas on how to get a meaningful tattoo for your significant other, please book a consult. Just because I don’t do names doesn’t mean I can’t give you a fantastic tattoo that has just as much meaning.

I can, but I won’t. This is another personal policy. I’m a family man and prefer not to tattoo any area that you would have to expose yourself for.

This is out of respect for my wife and son, as well as my clients and other clients who may be in the shop. Many shops have an open floor plan where you would be exposing yourself to the lobby, so I’d rather not have you do that.

I try to provide towels for decency if you have to remove undergarments for your tattoo, but if you can’t stay covered somehow, I won’t do it.