Neil Gaiman is one of my heroes. His ideas on creativity and being a prolific creator have been a source of inspiration to me for years, now.

Drawing this portrait was a lot of fun, and definitely a challenge. I plan on revisiting some of these portraits in a year or so to see how far I’ve come. Because doing the reps will make you a better artist. I plan on doing plenty of those. 🙂

Remember to keep growing, keep pushing, and make great art.

What do you think of this portrait of Neil Gaiman? Let me know!


  1. Love the portrait! I like the line quality along with the depth of form you were able to capture. I think you cut off the top of his head a bit but other than that it’s great! Thanks for the videos and inspiration, looking forward to connect with you more on

    • Thanks, Christopher! I definitely chopped off the top of his head a bit and attempted to correct it much, much later (to no avail). I’ll be re-drawing several portraits about a year apart to check my progression. You have a rather impressive portfolio, yourself! And I’m also looking forward to connecting on Optimize. Such an amazing community. 🙂

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