I’m always up for a challenge! And drawing kids is DEFINITELY a challenge. Especially when they are your own kids.

You have to be careful of proportion, because the proportions are so different than adult faces. Kids’ faces also require much softer shading. Adding too much shading can really age the face, and this is more true with infants.

So, I just took my time and really kept measuring and approaching everything with a light hand.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. The Drawing Foundations Course will be starting on New Year’s Eve! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay posted as the videos are released. I’ll be building my website out to accommodate the new course, but that will take some time. I’ll update this page when the new section is live.


  1. Nice drawings of your children! I like the illustrative look, its a nice blend of comic and reality. But the lack of a discernible pupil in their eyes looks as though their pupil is fully dilated and the eyes become vacant. Regardless of that I feel you were able to achieve a good sense of form will little line and shade. I would love to see more!

    • Thanks Chris! I tend to do most eyes in the same manner, the dead-eyes look, that is. I believe it was some of Audrey Kawasaki’s late 2000’s/early 2010’s work that I borrowed the aesthetic from. I may or may not slip the same look into tattoos whenever I get the opportunity.

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