Want to file a complaint? I doubt it’ll do you any good.

I’m about to kick you with some truth – you’re responsible for where you are now. It’s all on you. You can’t blame anyone else for your place in life.

But you probably want to complain about circumstance, coincidence, or bad luck. It’s always something or someone else’s fault.

That car accident you got in? It’s your fault, even if the other person was driving like an idiot. You could have driven better to avoid the accident.

Your crappy job? Definitely your fault. You accepted that shit.

Your daily routine going to hell because your kid got sick? That’s your fault.

Not all fault is bad.

It all comes down to choices. You made a choice to work hard at something you hate to make ends meet. It’s not a bad choice, but it’s your fault.

You made a choice to care for your sick child by sacrificing activities that could have ended up making you successful. I did this, and that’s not a bad thing.

You give up some time with your family now with the understanding that it’s not going to last forever. You’ll stop working long hours when you’re financially stable enough to take a break. This one can be good or bad.

You started saving money when you were young, setting back every extra penny you had, and now you’re a quiet millionaire that nobody has ever heard of. That’s your fault. Great job.

Some fault is bad.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend treats you like shit. It’s your fault. You chose that relationship.

You’ve made ends meet and still haven’t stopped working to spend time with the people who matter. Your family is falling apart without your involvement. That’s your fault.

There are opportunities out there but you aren’t even looking for them. You’ve accepted your dreary day job as the norm. It’s your fault.

You waste your time on Facebook and reality TV, then wonder why you can’t do anything great with your life. That’s on you.

You piss people off when you complain about it.

Life is great for you. You’re lucky if you live in a developed country today. If you’re reading this – I can assume that you do.

Yet everyone bitches and moans about how hard life is, and it’s not! If you need a job, you can get one. The job market isn’t that bad. Get a fucking fast food job and cut your expenses. Get rid of your useless shit, cancel Netflix and read a damn personal development book.

You have absolutely nothing to complain about. If you see a problem with your life, quit bitching and fix it. Complaining does nothing but irritate people. It doesn’t fix anything.

Problems have solutions.

You can either choose to find solutions to your problems, or ignore the potential solution and complain.

I like finding solutions. I’m not complaining about people who complain, I’m trying to shed light on a situation that can change.

This article is part of a solution to a problem I’ve noticed. Maybe with a bit of shock and logic, I can stop some of the complaining in the world.

So…where do you fall on the spectrum? Do you pay attention to problems in your life and look for solutions, or do you ignore the problems, then complain you slowly accept your self-imposed prison?

I challenge you to fall into the first group of people. Start looking for solutions to every problem you have.

Pay attention to your problems

Most people don’t do this. They don’t even realize they have a problem when they complain about it. That’s the real trick at the beginning.

Whenever you notice yourself bitching about something, stop yourself and say “Hey…this might be a problem. I didn’t even realize that I was being an ass, but I can fix this.”

Once you’ve noticed a problem, then you can start coming up with solutions.

Jenny down the hall at work pisses you off? Don’t just go home and complain to your spouse about it. Figure out how to fix it, maybe you can get Jenny fired and shoot for a promotion because Jenny was getting paid $60k and you freed up company resources, or just avoid Jenny as much as possible.

See? Solutions are fun. So why complain?

Exactly. It’s all your fault. Accept responsibility and your life will change.

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