Tattoos should tell your story, not be picked off a wall. Let’s create something that you love and cherish, not something that everyone else has.

What’s YOUR Story?

Imagine having a piece of art on your body that tells a story that you hold dear. Every time you look in the mirror, you’re reminded of…

🔹The challenges you’ve conquered.

🔹The relative that you love.

🔹The child that you cherish.

🔹The idea you want to share with the world.

Those are the tattoos I love. Those are the tattoos that you’ll always love.

“The tattoo is exactly what I envisioned and it was also very personal/emotional. My daily reminder of what’s important is presented in a unique way that I get to have for the rest of my life.

~ Kirsten R.

Process is Important

If you have a tattoo you regret, it was probably done on a whim.

I don’t rush things, and I don’t rush you.

A careful process helps you get something you’re proud to wear.

It all starts with the consultation.

We get to know each other, you get to bring your stories and ideas to life during a little interview to help me create your custom piece of body art.

Drawing is its own challenge.

You want something unique and beautiful, and it takes time to create that. But I put in the time, free of charge, just so you walk away from the tattoo excited.

The day of your tattoo doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking.

Making permanent changes to your body can be stressful, but I do what I can to help you relax and enjoy the ride.

Hands-on aftercare is a game-changer.

I don’t want you to have any guesswork with your aftercare, so I take care of that for you. Stress-free, hands-free healing. Free of charge.

The Most Important Part of Any Tattoo

The consultation is the seed of what ends up on your body. Get it right!

“Conversation was never lacking! Especially the consultation prior to the work. Having that time to really understand what I wanted was crucial and so professional.

~ Kaycee B.

Think of the consultation as an interview, because that’s what it is! Consultations give you a chance to get to know me and my process, share your ideas, and develop a bit of a bond with the person that will be marking your body FOREVER.

It’s also a time for me to learn about your ideas, find out if we’re a good fit, and decide whether I want to take on your project. Here’s how it works.

1️⃣Get excited before you come in! I want to know the story behind your tattoo before anything else.

2️⃣Be prepared to answer some questions! I’ll try to dig deep to find that inspiration that will make your tattoo one-of-a-kind.

3️⃣Bring reference! Look for art or tattoos that I can use for inspiration (JUST inspiration, I won’t copy another artist’s work) for your tattoo.

4️⃣Remember the story. That really is the most important part of any tattoo for me. No story, no tattoo.

If I’m not the right artist for the job – I’ll help you find one that is!

(Even if it’s a competitor.)

Your ideas, my artistic skills.

The mom tattoo is dead, sorry folks.

If you want a tattoo that you’ll love, it’s best to get it custom. Your tattoos say a lot about you, and you want it to be beautiful, not just another cookie cutter design from a magazine, the flash rack, or Pinterest.

You should definitely get something custom, made just for you.

And that’s exactly what I love to do.


Because I’m an artist – I always have been.

I love telling stories with art, I went to college and graduated with an art degree, and now I want to help as many people spread their stories and ideas with body art as I possibly can.

That’s why I provide over $150 of drawing time for every client – completely free.

“Josh has this look to his designs. It truly looks like a piece of art. It also has this touch of age and darkness. You can tell he does this for the love of it and not to just make money. He put true time and effort into making it original. You can tell an old soul gave me this tattoo.”

~ Brittany R.

You don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Your comfort is important to me. I know a lot of tattoo artists don’t give a shit, but I honestly do.

If you want an experience where you feel like you’re supported through your tattoo, I have your back. Going above and beyond with things like:

🔹A TV to help you stay distracted (with movies or music).

🔹Lidocaine soaps and sprays to go the extra mile toward the end of your session.

🔹Open and honest communication about how you can get through your tattoo more comfortably.

🔹Free meals for longer sessions!

You’ve got this, and I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure you have the best tattoo experience you possibly can.

I absolutely guarantee your healing process.

Healing tattoos can be confusing, but it shouldn’t be.

I don’t want you to wander through the supermarket looking for the right ointment to buy, or stress if your tattoo needs a touch-up, so I provide all of your aftercare needs.

We start with some hi-tech Saniderm to protect your tattoo during the crucial first few days, then finish off the healing with some Hustle Butter. Completely free with your tattoo.

And, to top it all off, if your tattoo does need some touch-ups, that’s free, too.

“Words cannot describe how powerful this piece of art is to me and how proud I am to wear it on my skin. Thank you, Josh, for making me and my family feel like we are part of your family.”

~ Jason W.

I want to be as excited as you are about your tattoos.

I don’t take on every client that walks through the door. I want to work on projects that I’m excited about. My clients are taken care of with:

A beautiful, custom tattoo that tells YOUR unique story or shares YOUR unique ideas. (Priceless)
FREE drawing time ($150+ value) – to make sure your custom design is perfect.
FREE Touch-ups for life – never worry about fading ink ever again. Your tattoo is insured. 😉
FREE 1-hour tightening session if necessary ($150 value) – I want you to be proud to wear your tattoo, so I’ll put in the extra time.
FREE Luxury Aftercare ($20 value) – to make sure your tattoo heals out as beautifully as possible, and you don’t even have to go to Walmart to buy something made for diaper rash.

That’s why I do this application process. If you want to sit down for a consult and get over $300 of extra value for your tattoo, make sure you put real thought into the answers for the consultation application.

Don’t wait! Appointments are scheduled on a first-come basis.

Apply for your free consultation now to avoid a long wait for your tattoo!