Illusion of Choice

Finding focus feels impossible sometimes. When you’re having trouble focusing, it might be time for some extreme measures.

Disconnect the internet. Put your phone in a lock box. Turn off the TV. Find silence, create solitude. Lock yourself away until you finish your work. Find your flow and stay there for as long as you can.

My routine ends as soon as I press “play” and start to play. Then the magic happens.


And All

Another odd day for me. Just had difficulty finding the flow that I love so much. But I did it, anyway. I think I’m going to call it quits on the paper drawing, use a photo to bring it to a digital finish next week, then REALLY call it done. Digital will let me correct some of the things that are bugging me in the pose, too.


Until Your Rapture

Busy day today, but a friend once told me to make sure I got some drawing time in. 🙂

So I made myself go to the studio at the end of the day and put in another 30 minutes on this pose. In looking at it a bit more critically, I exaggerated her hips and the length of her legs, but I kinda like the aesthetic. I’ll take this to an exaggerated finish and let it be what it is for now.