Open Your Eyes

I don’t normally do anything on Sundays, but we had a birthday party for my daughter yesterday. And…after standing in the sun to man the grill all day, I was a little bit crispy and tired.

So I switched work days. I haven’t been working much this week as we prepared for her birthday and her party, so I figured it would be appropriate to come work today. I also finally got my copy of The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides and cracked open the introduction.

It’s much more digest-able than The Art Spirit by Robert Henri, so far. And I love the philosophy behind the book. It’s very much geared toward slow, deliberate mastery in the beginning. I have yet to tackle any of the exercises, but I’m excited to see where it goes.

I love the comparison to language that K.N. uses in the very beginning – as that’s a comparison I’ve often made, myself. I think The Natural Way to Draw will heavily influence future lessons in the JoshuaGraphic universe. 😀 Get excited, because I am!


A Balancing Act

I once heard someone describe “life balance” as a fallacy. Balancing is a verb, which means it’s a perpetual state of unbalance, just shifting in one direction or the other.

That’s what I’ve come to accept lately. I have a ton on my plate right now, and that means my life is out of balance. But I’m leaning into that discomfort so I can come out the other side and let the balancing act swing in the other direction.


Battery Low

The past two days have been…difficult. I wasn’t able to find energy or focus yesterday, and today was more hectic than I imagined it would be when it started. I did draw yesterday, and I drew more today than I was able to take photos of, but I’m absolutely exhausted.

Sorry for the short post today, but I wasn’t going to go two days in a row without posting some sort of progress.


Welcome Home

Today felt like coming home when I walked into the studio. I recently rewatched the entire Firefly series with my wife, and in the last episode, Hurley makes a comment about whether a room is still a room if nobody is in it. Does the person make a room…a room?

I can empathize with the crazy bounty hunter on this one. The studio was a project of intense labor, but it still didn’t feel like the space I wanted it to be. Not until I created art in the space. I’ve slowly been settling in, and now I can say that it’s starting to feel like a home to create in.


A Pain in the Neck

I got to go to the chiropractor today! It’s something I used to do pretty regularly before the whole crisis started. Unfortunately, there’s only so much the man can do in one visit when it’s been so long since my last visit.

On top of that, we had a lot of errands to run today, so…I didn’t get to draw nearly as much as I wanted to. Honestly…well, even the drawing time I got in at the end of my day wasn’t quality drawing time. Rough day.


Life is Fucking Beautiful

Some people may read the title and think it’s sarcasm. It’s not. Life is absolutely fucking beautiful.

I’ve been walking a couple of minutes through the woods to get to work every day. The leaves are growing, the birds are singing, the squirrels are chasing each other through the undergrowth and into the trees.

And I get to witness that beauty every day. Rain or shine, the life going on around me as I hike up the hill is absolutely beautiful every single time.

Let’s start to appreciate that a little more.