Dark Beings

I may have been a bit irresponsible with my time today. I should have been working on getting all of my important work tasks done (because we’re so close to opening Affinity that it isn’t even funny), but I got sucked into my art.

Today SHOULD have been one of those days where a warm-up was all I did, then moved toward doing the important and urgent things. But I had fun researching costume designs, character designs, and finding (plus executing) inspiration for this piece of art.

And I’m alright with that. I’m looking forward to seeing this project finished. I’m also willing to put in the extra work today to get one step closer to Affinity becoming Affinity. It’s GO TIME.



This month has been rather…insane. I’m working on getting Affinity Art Co. open as soon as possible, and haven’t had much time to draw. I’ve actually had to adjust my “floor” while opening a new business.

FOR now, my only requirement is to finish my warm-up. It keeps my skills sharp and still allows me enough time in my jam-packed days to accomplish major business tasks, which feel mostly like busy-work.

As the opening day draws nearer, I’m looking forward to having days filled with art again. Whether that’s tattooing or drawing, I’ll finally be able to pull back a little bit from the administrative stuff that has been consuming so much of my time.

I did want to mention something that I forgot to post (I had the post saved as a draft but never hit publish) — my new checklist.

I’ve created a checklist for my drawing time so I can more consistently tackle the things that I need to do. My goal is to make it as far down the list as possible every day. My warm-up is broken down nicely, my practice and performance pieces are planned out, and so is deep study of other resources. Today was a good day on the list. I made it most of the way down the list. 🙂


Hit the Floor

Even when you don’t feel like it — hit the floor. Pick a number and stick to it. Today I didn’t get to draw as much as I would have liked. I didn’t even get warmed up enough to produce something I’m happy with…but I hit the floor.

I still learned something. And that information is valuable. Now I’m off to learn more stuff and take some huge steps to move my mission forward. Because I’m doing the work — every day.


1000 Mistakes

I love being a traditional artist, but I want to make 1,000 mistakes quickly, so I can learn from each one and not have pressure to save money on materials.

Also, my “day job” requires me to create designs quickly and efficiently, so I usually create art for my tattooing digitally. That being said — I decided to switch most of my daily practice to digital over the past week without internet.

I’m still drawing traditionally once per week, just to keep my charcoal skills sharp, but I can experiment more with digital art in Krita — and not worry about breaking leads or running low on newsprint.

It’s a way for me to produce MORE art, notice mistakes faster, and grow at a faster rate. Traditional artists might scoff at the idea, but I’m trying to be effective AND efficient in my growth. If I can draw more, draw faster, and save money in the process…that’s what I’m going to do.


Building Assets

Yesterday was a hectic day full of errands, including some unexpected obstacles that nearly “toppled” my ability to draw for the day, which is now unacceptable on Mondays.

Sundays are literally my ONLY days off from drawing now. No excuses. But I made progress on a few projects yesterday, and did the same today. That being said — I’m still losing valuable drawing and practice time with administrative STUFF that I wish I could go ahead and outsource.

But life doesn’t work that way. You have to have assets to leverage before you can…well…leverage them. When you look at things through this lens, you can start directing your efforts to the things that are building up assets for you to leverage.

Like my drawing time — I’m approaching my drawing skills like a craftsman, like someone on a path of mastery. Eventually, I’ll have a skilled asset that’s so good that people won’t be able to ignore it, and I’ll be able to charge an absolute premium for it.

I’m also creating assets with my businesses. Drawing Foundations is a slow-moving project, but it’s part of a larger body of work that will become an asset, along with my drawing skills. I’m handling administrative things for Affinity, which will be another asset once the doors are open. The skills I’m picking up as I open that business will be yet another asset — in marketing, administration, business operations, and public relations.

So I’m creating assets. I have to remember that when I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed by the small stuff. Focus on ONE thing at a time until that one little step is complete, then find what’s most important next, and chip, chip, chip away.



I couldn’t sleep last night because of the stitches, but I’m not going to skip a day of drawing.

I did something a little bit different today, though — I filmed the entire process and talked into a mic about the thoughts that were going through my head. Or, as described in the book Peak — i was trying to communicate my mental representations.

I finally finished the book yesterday. It was honestly difficult to work through, but the last few chapters were enlightening and encouraging.

Filming served two purposes — I got a more accurate measurement of the time I spent at the drawing table, and I will have a record not just of WHAT I produced, but exactly HOW I produced it. Along with my thoughts as I’m working.


Bad Nerves

I can’t seem to focus today. I don’t like sharing a lot of personal stuff, but I’m pretty nervous right now.

I went to the doctor this morning for something that is hopefully minor, but possibly major. I had a scalpel in my back for a couple of minutes, and now I’m just waiting.

So I’m a bit nervous, and the stitches in my back are rather irritating. Here’s to hoping that I get some good news.


Demo Day

Demo Day! HUGE day today for me and the team of Affinity. We paid the deposit for our new location, got the key, and started announcing it like crazy.

That being said, it took up a lot of time that I should have been drawing, but I had a landlord to meet, so I made an exception for my regular routines.

After lunch, I finally made it to the cabin and started doing more filming for demonstrations on Drawing Foundations. I did a couple of warm-up sheets, a few gestures, then jumped straight to filming.

It’s good to be back on track. Tomorrow is another strange day for me, though. I have a doctor’s appointment in the AM, and I need to do more filming.



Yesterday was a rough day for art making, I was starting to get some energy back…but things kept going wrong that needed immediate attention. I still managed to draw for a few minutes ABOVE my “floor” — and I tried something a little bit different by using a dead-ish sharpie marker.

Today, though…I got a great night’s sleep, nailed all of my fundamental routines, and tackled the drawing board with excitement. I still struggled with my earlier gestures, but started to catch my rhythm toward the end.