Life…is a beautiful experiment.

I’m Josh – a father, entrepreneur, tattooer, artist, designer, and geek. I want to live life as a good person, help spread ideas and philosophy through art, and help people share their own ideas through their body art.

Check out my portfolio to see some of the stories I’ve helped people put on their skin.

Words of Wisdom

How Precious is Your Time?

Your time here is precious. Remember that you'll die one day so you don't waste the most valuable resource you have.

Put Everything On the Line

Boredom isn’t a problem, but misery is. If you fall into a cycle of repetitive drudgery, it might be time for a change.

Inspire a Friend

I wanted to share a story about surrounding yourself with people who support you and inspiring those people to grow with you.

Thank You Note

I just wanted to say “Thank you” to a whole bunch of people. It’s the people around me who make me who I am, who help me grow and succeed. So I’m showing some gratitude. To the people who support me in my career… My friends, family, clients, coworkers, and my readers. Thank you for…

How to Use Philosophy as a Framework for Living Well

Have you ever thought about how you live your life and make decisions? Most people don’t! Create a personal philosophy to make living well easier.

Is Self-Respect Dead?

I recently wrote an email about self-respect to my infant son that I hope he can comprehend by the time I hand him the password.

The Things I Forgot When Life Fell Apart

My life recently fell apart, and it started a domino effect that I couldn’t stop. Peter Drucker said it best in a nod to Murphy’s Law when he coined Drucker’s Law – “If one thing goes wrong, everything else will, and at the same time.

A Two-Tiered Definition of Successful – How and Why It’ll Change Your Life

How do we define what being successful is? If we are to rise so that we may be successful, what is successful?

Skydiving and the Time of My Life

My wife and I went skydiving! This is what it was like – with VIDEO!

Create Yourself

Episode 8 of the JoshuaGraphic Experiment

Why would you passively want to find yourself when you can be more active and create yourself? I know which one I prefer.

Don’t Complain – It’s All Your Fault

Don’t complain about your problems, look for solutions and accept responsibility for them. Maybe then your life will start to improve.

Intensive Care

My son, Maddix, is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for botulism – a very rare disease that has paralyzed him.

Tennessee Vacation

I learned a lot about traveling with an infant during a recent family vacation. Long drives and tiny, squishy humans don’t mix.

Avoid Being a Crappy Dad

Episode 3 of the JoshuaGraphic Experiment

Have a SMART New Year: Set SMART Goals for Success

New Year’s Resolutions suck. They just don’t work! Plan out a SMART goal for the New Year to increase the odds of success.

Find a Purpose that Makes You Proud

Find a purpose and pursue it relentlessly. Having a purpose doesn’t mean being rich, it’s making a choice to live happily and make an impact.

Rely on Discipline When Willpower Fails

Unfortunately, most people rely on the unreliable “skill” of willpower to make choices, and many people make bad choices because they lack the discipline to make the right ones.

All Habits are NOT Created Equal

I’ve managed to develop six habits which I consider to be keystone habits for myself. I’m not saying these will apply to everyone, but I’m sure they will help quite a few people.

15 Simple Ways to Overcome Artistic Procrastination

You’ll start painting your masterpiece tomorrow. Or maybe you’ll write the first chapter to your novel next week. Or the week after. It’ll be a New Year’s resolution. But probably not…

Understand Habits to Make Them Stick

It’s hard to develop habits that stick. They have a bad habit of not staying around.

Find Out of Freelancing is Right for You

14 questions to help you determine if freelancing is right for you.

Overcoming Artist’s Block

A few ideas to defeat your own worst enemy and get rid of artist’s block forever.

Build a Reference Library to Enhance Your Art

Build a reference library to have a wealth of visual information on-hand when you create your own art.

Time Management is Worthless Without a Priority

If you can’t focus, then there’s no point in managing your time. All of the time management voodoo in the world isn’t going to save the soul without a priority.

Stress is Messing You Up – How to Manage and Avoid Life’s Pitfalls

Chronic stress is actually killing you. You can either avoid it or handle it like a pro, here’s how to do both.

Taking Control – The Life-Changing Practice of Meditation

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with random shit that you just can’t focus?

Level the Learning Playing Field – A Key to Success in Life

There’s too much information in the world. Too much to consume, too much to learn, too much to remember.

Thinking Games

I am an idiot. I took a job that pays salary and demands upwards of 80 hours a week of my time. On a good week. I’m on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can’t get through dinner with my fiance without my phone ringing. Yes…I’m an idiot. It’s time to…