I need your help to change the world.

I’m Josh – a husband, father, entrepreneur, tattooer, artist, designer, and geek. And I believe that creativity and empathy can make the world a better place.

So that’s what I want to teach. If you could help me spread those ideas, I would be forever grateful.

From the Blog…

Reframing Defeat

I got defeated by a drawing. Well, not a drawing, exactly, but a lettering design. I had all the references I wanted, I had a good plan, and I couldn’t execute it. The vision in my head looked much better than what I was putting on the page in front of me. Hell, the sketch…

How to Feel Good About Your Day

Your feelings follow your actions. It’s not the other way around. Don’t wait until you feel like it to be nice. Be nice to feel better.

So go do something nice! Try it right now.


Drawing Neil Gaiman (Video)

Neil Gaiman is one of my heroes. His ideas on creativity and being a prolific creator have been a source of inspiration to me for years, now.