Life…is a beautiful experiment.

I’m Josh – a father, entrepreneur, tattooer, artist, designer, and geek. I want to live life as a good person, help spread ideas and philosophy through art, and help people share their own ideas through their body art.

Check out my portfolio to see some of the stories I’ve helped people put on their skin.

Recent Articles

Five Useful Things To Do During Creative Downtime

I remember a time not too long ago when cancellations made me nervous. Now…I don’t even try to fill my canceled spots. I don’t mind so much that I lost hundreds of dollars in a day because of a no-show.

Can Comparing Yourself to Others Help You Win at Life?

Being jealous of other people’s achievements is not healthy. Instead, find inspiration from what others achieve. Learn from their success – because success leaves clues.

5 Tips to Crush Creative Blocks

When you feel like the project in front of you is impossible, you’re about to have a breakthrough. But, the difference between an amateur and a professional is how you deal with challenges and blocks. Here’s how…