Life…is a beautiful experiment.

I’m Josh – a father, entrepreneur, tattooer, artist, designer, and geek. I want to live life as a good person, help spread ideas and philosophy through art, and help people share their own ideas through their body art.

Check out my portfolio to see some of the stories I’ve helped people put on their skin.

Recent Articles

I Am Not an Author

If you want security, be a banker. If you want the freedom to create, even if you know you might fail, be an artist. You might help those around you in the process.

In Defense of Solitude

As an artist, you have to be alone in your mind to create. There's an obvious social cost of being a creative professional. You have to shut people out to get work done. Cherish the silence of solitude.

Avoiding Frustration on the Growth Curve

Every amateur artist I’ve ever encountered has an unrealistic idea of their expected growth. If you’re getting frustrated about the learning curve ahead of you, just be patient and study. Study everything you can and enjoy the process.