Life…is a beautiful experiment.

I’m Josh – a father, entrepreneur, tattooer, artist, designer, and geek. I want to live life as a good person, help spread ideas and philosophy through art, and help people share their own ideas through their body art.

Check out my portfolio to see some of the stories I’ve helped people put on their skin.

Recent Articles

2 Exercises for Instant Artistic Growth

These 2 exercises are WORK, and they require hard work. Doing the right work will help you reach the next level in your artistic skill and career that much faster. Don’t struggle through plateaus on your own, let the masters guide you.

Impostor Syndrome and the Value of Art

I sat down with the young woman who I’ve started mentoring to discuss imposter syndrome. Why do artists and creatives feel like their work doesn’t have value?

You Should Enjoy This

Not too long ago I was a starving artist. Even when my family was living on nothing I found things to enjoy about my life. It was difficult, but always worth the effort. Live in the moment, because that’s all you have.